Jeff will make you laugh at your problems and believe the solutions are easily attainable.
Shelly, Studio City, CA


I’ve been in therapy off and on since I was 13 (that’s more than 30 years) and I was very resistant to the idea of a “life coach” but Jeff is the most positive human being I’ve ever met and I’m so happy to be his client. Jeff has helped me work through some long-time inner struggles. For the first time in my life, I really feel truly hopeful about my future.
Julie, Los Angeles, CA


Jeff’s positivity defies human logic, which makes him a thoroughly engaging speaker.
Steve, Sacramento, CA


Exceeded expectations! It was a phenomenal experience and just the right blend of yin and yang, emotional and granular. We requested a focus on some specific concerns in the areas of time management, project prioritization, communication and follow-through. Jeff and Erika were able to thoughtfully and brilliantly guide our staff through a number of log-jams in our procedures and processes, some unknown to us prior to their keen observation of our head spaces, habits and interactions. The result was not only leaving the seminar with a fresh perspective and actionable, practical tools going forward to add greater efficiency and cohesion to the staff’s communication, but also with a dramatically renewed enthusiasm for public service and shared purpose. My staff unanimously agreed that a greater clarity of my vision for the district was realized that day.
Mike Bonin, Los Angeles City Councilman, 11th District


Working with Jeff has helped me tap into a clarity that is making all my decisions easier, and my inspiration stronger… I’m even more immune to Debbie Downers and energy vampires.
Rebecca, Burbank, CA


The best thing about Jeff is that he truly believes in people, usually more than they even do in themselves.
Dave, New York City, NY


The goal of the all-day staff retreat was to deepen the shared purpose of our two offices, and I was pleasantly surprised by the result. Jeff and Erika created a professional and safe space, which fostered productive discussions and effective strategies that addressed a number of concerns including internal communication, prioritizing shared objectives, and overall staff cohesiveness. The experience was funny, relatable, and provided us with actionable takeaways and tools.
Julie Brownley, Member of Congress, CA 26th District


Jeff is like a funny, overly-enthusiastic Yoda who doesn’t take anything too seriously, including himself.
Robert, Phoenix, AZ


Jeff has guided and walked me into some of my most profound epiphanies, accelerating my sense of self in a purposeful and lasting way.
Kelly, Sherman Oaks, CA


I felt it would be helpful for my district office staff to participate in a team-building program in order to start working together as a team and to get to know one another professionally and personally during my first year in the House of Representatives. My staff tells me the day exceeded expectations. They unanimously agreed the day was productive and also fun… with flexibility and a terrific sense of humor, particularly when the discussion turned to an important internal challenge the staff had been grappling with.
Ted Lieu, Member of Congress, CA 33rd District


In the world of radical idealists, Jeff is the unassuming cult hero who walks the walk he talks.
F.C., Pacific Palisades, CA


No B.S. or sunny-sunshine, Jeff approaches every problem with an uplifting truth and nothing but the truth.
Ryan, San Francisco, CA


Working with Jeff has helped me become more aware of my patterns of behavior and habits and empowered me to change them for the better. I’m now consciously choosing what I want in my life. His passion, enthusiasm, and insight have been invaluable for me as I make countless positive changes.
Francine, Santa Monica, CA


Jeff brought humor as well as effective tools to dramatically raise the team’s inspiration level, and the resultant increase in productivity, as well as purpose, was considerable, too.
Larry, Santa Clarita, CA


The proof is in the results: Your life will have less fear, more inspiration, less worry, more love. You will simply not be the same after a month of conscious sparring with Jeff.
Elaine, Brentwood, CA


Jeff truly loves people, all of them, because he only sees what they could be, not what they’re afraid they are.
Alex, Brooklyn, NY


What makes Jeff exceptional is his ability to perfectly identify the fears and the desires underneath them, then brilliantly tailors mental tools to help you switch to that higher perspective.
Rick, La Crescenta, CA


Full Disclosure: Some of the testimonial respondents were given writing assistance, but all unequivocally agreed with the sentiment, as written.

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