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Jeff Stein

Inspiration Facilitator – Life Consultant – Consciousness Comedian – Radical Idealist

Hi, I’m Jeff Stein, and since we humans like to connect with others based on commonalities, and we also seem to love to judge the message by the messenger, let me give you some fun facts about me and see if we “resonate organically”, as my woo-woo friends say…

Jeff Stein, I.F.

Since I was a teenager, I’ve made a living in comedy, helping the world laugh at its pain, one joke at a time.  Mostly on radio, but also in film, TV, internet, theater, stand up, and my mirror.

I have five brothers and a sister, none of them are real.  They’re all half, step or foster siblings.  No full blood brothers, but, through the magic of divorce and remarriage, I have had the pleasure of being the youngest, oldest, middle and only child for at least a couple years each.

I’ve helped raise most two or four legged livestock on a rustic rural ranch… and missed the tranquility.

I’ve tried to be normal and appropriate in the most cookie-cutter suburbs… and loved the simplicity.

And, I’ve deepened my appreciation of humanity and creative insanity in the largest, most diverse cities (Los Angeles and San Francisco, specifically).

I’ve been to all 50 U.S. states, but have never left North America.  Not because I hate foreigners, but rather, because I’m 6’4″ and I hate long plane flights (I know, lame excuse, and I don’t intend to use it much longer.)

I was pretty much always a smiley kid, but I’ve had my run of self-destructive thought feedback loops that were judgmental, suicidal, reckless, careless, brainless, shameless, but mostly just anxious.  I’ve kept pace with some of the best worry warts that lack of money can buy and certainly felt the corresponding intestinal wrath that goes with it.  But ultimately, I have lived the ordinary American mix of joy and fear, purpose and pain, macaroni and cheese.

I’m also a parent of a younger being who is already smarter than I am, and as I like to say, few things teach you more about yourself than parenting.  You know what I mean parents?  Didn’t you learn a ton from all your semi-successful attempts at passing along your wisdom to another generation?

Now, a little over a decade ago, everything changed forever.  No, I didn’t have some kind of massive, newsworthy tragedy…  I didn’t hit rock bottom and write a bestseller from the ash-heap of life, I just finally started reading those books that I was always wondering about, and watching those movies that people kept saying would blow my mind, and suddenly became aware of the truth that is true always…

That life is a belief game, strategically played through our choices, judgments and conclusions.  I’m not talking about what religion, philosophy or science you believe, but rather that your beliefs about yourself and your world create your reality.  That what you think and feel will produce a matching experience in your life.

And, all the great minds agree on this…  That thoughts, perceptions, prayers, intentions… create your universe, and that there is no limit to what you may create.

God, consciousness, universal intelligence, the matrix, the holodeck, you, me, all of it…

It’s all ONE, and it’s all LOVE.  You can either choose to believe and think toward love, which is the truth of your existence, or toward the lack of love, and see how long you can stay in the fear-bound saddle on the Karma chameleon of life.  And we all know this!  What we believe is what we receive.  The story we tell, scripts our life.  Right!?!

Once I realized that life was designed within, nothing seemed more important than mastering inner dialogue.  So, I became an expert at talking to myself.  While others were spending their time on Facebook, Fantasy Football or fingers in their noses, I was voraciously studying and practicing the art of deliberate creation, thought-by-thought, until I was leading a life of such pervasive fulfillment that I found myself loving everybody and everything all the time, +/- 3%.

As a result…

– I am healthier than I have ever felt and continue to expand that.

– I have more abundance than I’ve ever had, with less fear of scarcity than I thought possible.

– And I’m generally respected and appreciated by my friends and family… when I’m not driving them crazy turning the lemons in their lives into lemonade, which, if poorly timed, can be really annoying.

I can honestly say that my life literally gets better every day.  I don’t go a day without learning something about myself.  And I did all this consciousness work for one person: ME!  Which sounds selfish, but actually, you cannot give what you do not have, and when you give yourself the gift of accessing your full power, your full clarity, your full foolishness; by choosing love over fear, inspiration over desperation, kindness over rightness, curiosity over certainty, knowingness over victimhood…

When you are selfish enough to give yourself your own access to your own truth of existence, then you will be of greater service to the world than you could possibly imagine.  And service is the next logical step when you can feel good under any circumstances… Service.  Not servitude, but serving your own power to give and receive love and FUN in a perpetual drum circle of life.

Now, a few years back, I left my last full-time position as a Comedy Executive and never looked back, but I wasn’t sure how I would express this newfound state of self-realization and joyful creation.  But as the masters say, “What you are seeking is also seeking you.”  Before I knew it, people in my life who observed my pervasive peace and annoying ease and couldn’t find an outside explanation of how I deserved it, began asking me how I do it.  And then they started offering to pay me to meet with them regularly, or to train their staff to become more cohesive, inspired and purpose-focused.

Suddenly I was consulting, speaking, doing seminars, retreats, workshops, think tanks, podcasts, publishing, anything and everything that was an extension of my practice and my purpose.

I call myself a life consultant and inspiration facilitator (and radical idealist), which basically means I get paid to be my best self.  That’s the meaning of life.  To create in authentic joy and purpose, which incidentally, leads to self-realization and automatically makes you of divine service to everyone and everything, including yourself.  Self-realization, baby!

So, if you know as I do that everything in life is an inside job, that it matters whether the voice in your head is hurting or helping you…  and you also know that every dream or desire, or anything you’ve ever wanted in life, was because you thought you’d feel better when you have it…  Then, you’re my kind of people.  Let’s meet!  There’s a reason you’re here, let’s find out why.

I love facilitating this truth to anyone at any level of mindfulness…  I can speak in terms from spiritual to practical, with “tools to go” that make it readily actionable.  I didn’t just take a course on how to teach this stuff, I learned to actually live and become it, so I could speak from firsthand experience and a place of knowing.  My continuing mission is to be a teacher, student and mirror to everyone I interact with, as they invariably are for me, whether for business or pleasure (wait, those feel like the same to me).

Basically, what I do is kind of like Jedi training, except more mind tricks and less light sabers.  Contact me or my co-conspirators and I guarantee it will be a soul-enlarging, success-increasing and awe-inspiring experience.  Not because me or my co-conspirators are awesome and blow you away, but because we help YOU BLOW YOURSELF AWAY.

Thanks for reading this far, and giving me the greatest currency in society… your attention!

Oh wait, here are a couple more fun facts…

– I have a Guinness world record for designing the world’s largest board game.

– I hike in nature, preferably the redwoods, every week, pretty much without fail.

– I’m a recovering urgency-a-holic and a former narcissist, mostly.

– I love talking politics with anyone, even the most victimy of victims.

And, my wife still loves me.  That’s good, right?  Are you sold?  Cool.  Let’s talk!


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